“Dedicated to those who toiled underground to work these mines. Many died in the darkness so future generations could live in the light.”

The Miners Memorial Heritage Park (MMHP) encompasses the former iron ore mining locations within the City of Ironwood. The discovery of these mines resulted in the establishment of the City of Ironwood in the latter part of the 19th century. The last iron ore mine in the City of Ironwood closed in 1966.


We are creating interpretive signs along paths to inform visitors of the buildings and mine shafts that for years were part of the landscape. Miners Memorial Heritage Park encourages visitors to learn about and respect the mining heritage of the area, provide four-season exercise and recreational venues, and afford direct and indirect economic benefits. Interpretive signage, reconstruction of a mining headframe, and historical photos will create an outdoor museum allowing the individual to experience history first-hand.

The park has numerous historical features. One of them is the Aurora History Path. Throughout the park there are many historical signs. These are located at the sites they describe. There are 3 main mine groups that were located in the area. These are the Norrie, Aurora, and Pabst. Each of these had a number of mines in the group. They had names like Norrie A, Norrie B, etc. Each of these had a headframe, mine shaft, and support buildings. There were around 70 of these mines in Ironwood.

The 1905 map of the mines making up the Miners Memorial Heritage Park.